Psalms 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well” (NIV).

Knowing who you are is important. It reveals your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and talents. However, if you do not know or understand who you are, you mask the very things that make you unique.

When a person experiences trauma and does not receive healing, it often leaves the person broken and open to negative ideas and beliefs about themselves. This was me and I did not like myself at all. I did not like my complexion, my height, and I did not believe I was smart. I would look at others and envy them, which caused more insecurity. There was a time when I did not know who I was, so I acted like who I thought I should be or who people thought I should be.

It was not until I learned who I was in Christ, that I realized I can be just who I am regardless of who likes it or not. This was not an overnight process; it took many years. I learned to look in the mirror love myself and believe what God said about me. I learned God made me just the way I was for a reason. I am happy to say that I am not at all the person I used to be. I love myself issues and all!

There is NO ONE like you and that in and of itself is a blessing. It means, when God created you he had a specific idea in mind. It also means, only you can do what you do. He has a specific purpose for your life and He wants you to accomplish it.

I encourage you to learn who you really are. To seek the Lord and find out what His purpose is for your life. Be the person God created you to be! He wants it for you!



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