My prayer for this blog is to impart into you as God imparts into me. Last week, the Lord allowed me to share some of my childhood experiences with you. I mentioned I would write about healing to tie in the mental health aspect. However, while writing and watching the movie “The Shack,” I felt God shifting my message very strongly. I will still discuss healing, but not mental health.
I know there was some controversy from the Christian community about some of the themes in the movie, but I believe there were still some biblical truths one could glean.
Pain…it comes in many forms and happens at different stages of life. It can occur in childhood or adulthood and can take the form of rejection, the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, sickness, and sometimes a misunderstanding. No matter what form, it hurts and if we do not take the necessary steps to heal from our pain, our entire lives can be affected and become infected with frustration, anger, self-doubt, bitterness and mental anguish.
The pain my mother inflicted caused me to be broken for a long time. I did not experience love as a child, so as an adult, I sought it out in wrong ways. After my last horribly broken relationship, I recall sitting on the floor of my apartment weeping my eyes out asking God to help me. At that moment, I realized I had to get to the root of my pain and it started with my mother. In that instant, I forgave her. Later, the Lord showed me the pain that was inflicted on my mother in her childhood. She needed healing, but did not know how to get it; therefore, she released it on me. One day, we had an open-heart conversation and it was the first time in her life, she was able to open up. She was free and so was I. I was grateful and humbled for that time spent as a year later, she passed away unexpectantly. In that moment I learned how important it was to receive healing and have closure. I had peace in my soul.
Though my mother’s life improved over time, she never lived the life God intended; and that my friend is what pain does if we do not take the time to heal from it. It distracts us from our true purpose. This is not what God wants for you. He wants you to be free. He wants to break the cycle that causes us to make bad decisions or repeated behaviors. When we only see through the prism of our pain, we do not see the whole picture. I promise you, the picture God has for your life is much bigger than your pain.
No matter the type of pain you have experienced, Jesus loves you and wants the very best for your life. You were not designed to carry the weight of your pain; it is too much for you to bear. So “cast your cares upon the Lord because he cares for you” I Peter 5:7. God cares for us so much that “He keeps track of all our sorrows. He has collected our tears in his bottle. He has recorded each one in His book.” Psalms 56:8.
If you need to forgive yourself, please do. If you need to ask for forgiveness do that too. If you need to cry, talk, or yell out, God is waiting to hear from you. I encourage you to reach out to him so he can heal you. Forgiveness can be instantaneous and sometimes a journey, but regardless of the progress, you have to forgive, because it will bring freedom and wholeness. 
I hope in your spare time you will watch the movie. It covers so much. I do not want to give anything away, but I believe in can be an open the door to your healing.
I love you all,

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