I love the Golden Girls! To this day, I watch episodes almost every night before I go to bed; I love it just that much. Not too long ago, I watched an episode of the ladies recounting their Mother’s Day stories. I laughed most of the way through and at that moment, the Lord showed me myself laughing. I know he took that moment to show me how far I had come. You see for about 20 years, I hated Mother’s Day. While most people around me were happy, I wasn’t.

I never wanted to go to church because there was always a program focused on Mother’s. No matter how much I tried, I could not enjoy it because of the lack of relationship I had with my mother. Later in life, my mother and I began to build a relationship. I was overjoyed and looked forward to us spending our first Mother’s Day together. Unfortunately, before that could happen, she suffered a horrific accident and died unexpectedly. Every Mother’s Day after that I hated it even more. I was so depressed as I watched Mothers and daughters love each other that day. It was a reminder of what I never had and what I craved so desperately.

God has definitely healed my heart as each year is better than the year before, but I still don’t look forward to the day. I am grateful to be honored by my husband and children, but we know nothing takes the place of the relationship with your mother. It is a loss that will always be felt.

Some of you may not share similar feelings as to why you dislike Mother’s Day, but no matter what your reason I can relate to your pain. Perhaps you don’t hate the day, but it is a reminder of the mother you loved and lost. I want to encourage you this week to enjoy the day anyway.

I will keep you in prayer as we get through this day together. My prayer is that we would feel the Lord’s presence as he holds our hearts in his hand not only during this week but for as long we need.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Love you all,


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