Hello Family!

I pray each of you are well.


Please forgive me. I have not posted in about a month. Quite frankly, I was in a bit of a tail-spin and decided I need to pray regarding direction for many things including my blog.


The Healed to Speak blog will be on temporary hiatus. I am taking my blog in a different direction and it is going to take some time to get it where I want it to be. Please bear with me during this transition.


Ultimately, the goal of my blog is to glorify God and uplift women, however, I know I can do this in many ways. The revamped blog will include organizational tips, tips for mommies, single life, married life and a HOST of other topics.


I hope you have been happy with the current blog content. If you like, you may click here to view previous posts.


Please keep me in prayer as I go through this transition. We know anything great takes times to build. I will be active on FB and posting comments as God leads.


Love you all,


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