Genesis 50:20You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

One of my favorite movies is Forest Gump. I have watched it more times than I can count and each time I observe something I did not notice before.
In Forest’ innocence, he did not understand what his best friend Jennie was experiencing at home at the hands of her father. There is a scene in which her father is looking for her; Jenny grabs Forest’ hand and runs through the cornfield. When she stops, she says to Forest “let’s pray to God that he would make me a bird so I can fly far…far away.”
Obviously, God did not turn her into a bird, but he did open the door for her to leave her abusive environment.
God did not make me a bird either; therefore, the scene has great significance to me. I can recall countless times as a child praying to the Lord and asking him to deliver me from my abusive environment, but he didn’t. There were times my circumstances worsened and still, nothing changed. As a child, you cannot comprehend the suffering you experience. I often asked myself, is there a God? If so, where are you? Can you hear me when I pray? Do you care about what is happening to me?
Truth is, He does care and He is there. What the enemy uses to try to kill us, God uses to make us very strong. We serve a sovereign God. He knows all and sees all; however, we live in a world where evil exists, therefore, God reigns on the just and unjust. This means ALL OF US will experience situations we cannot comprehend, but because of God’s grace, he will use those circumstances to build us up, to cause us to walk closer to him and then use it as a platform to help others.
When you look back over your life and think about the worse experiences you have had, you now realize you are stronger than you thought. For some of you, the trial increased your relationship with the Lord. I am sure you also learned something about who you are. That is always God’s plan. He causes all things to work together for us. 
As new problems arise, we must remember our responsibility to respond in the correct manner. We must face our problems with fortitude knowing that our God is using it for us and someone else.
Love you all,

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