A Quick Marriage Lesson – Time Reveals

Last night I was watching the new show “We’re the Campbells” featuring Erica Campbell from the gospel group Mary-Mary.  I enjoy this show a lot. It is nice to have a wholesome television show.

In the latest episode, Erica Campbell revealed a childhood secret that she never mentioned to her husband (I will not tell it). Her husband made the point that they have been together for over 20 years and have been married for 17, yet he never knew this detail about her.

My husband and I have not been married as long as the Campbells, but I can say in 15 years of being with him and over twelve years of marriage, we are still learning things about each other and our past.

Praying, talking and having an open and honest relationship with your spouse is essential because over time, as your spouse becomes more and more comfortable with you, they will reveal more about themselves to you.

I encourage you to strive towards learning your spouse so as they open their heart to you they can trust you with the secrets inside it.

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Marriage Lessons (12-week series)-Week 4

It is week four of the marriage lessons. I pray you are being encouraged as you read each post. To read the last few lessons, please follow this link. This week’s post is short, sweet, but important!

I apologize for not posting yesterday, (Monday, is my usual day), but my husband and I were taking advantage of Lesson 4!

Lesson 4. Never stop dating (make your spouse first)

It is very easy to become an “old married couple” so you must work hard at not allowing it to happen. When we first meet someone, we love being with them…all the time! We want to spend every moment with them and we are sad when we must leave their presence. However, once we are married and life changes such as children, in-laws, careers, church and everything else, we can put our spouses on the back burner and before you know it, you are not doing the things you once did.

To maintain the closeness in your relationship, it is important to take time out of your schedules and have a date. It does not have to be an expensive trip, but if you can, please do! The point is not the expense, but the time you put into being together. This keeps the romance alive and allows your friendship to grow. Take time to date at least once a week. Rekindle the fire you once had or rather do not allow the fire to go out.

My husband is busy a lot, however, one of the things he enjoys doing is driving, especially long distances. At least once a week we just get in the car and ride. We have our most intimate conversations in the car. Yes, there are times we go to a restaurant or museum or stay the night out in another city, but there is nothing better than those times we spend together just talking.

There is nothing better in your marriage than your spouse giving their most intimate part of themselves to you and that is their heart. Treasure it always.

My Lesson Learned
1. Never stop dating
2. Date like you did when you first met
3. Make your spouse a priority

Your Lesson
1. Never stop dating
2. Plan a quick getaway with your spouse